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Welcome to Pav's Puds Cakes blog!

Call me Pav, although my full name is Paweł. I've moved to London, nearly eight years ago to persuade my cooking dream. After a few years, and countless nickname list, including Pablo, Pavlova, Pavo and many more I've chosen Pav to be my favourite.

Pav's Puds Cakes story..

The idea comes shortly after I've fallen in love with mirror glazing. Its technique of finishing cake with a shiny, mirror-like glaze that makes it looks spectacular. Creating cakes, and turning it to a piece of art brings happiness into my life!

“Happiness is created and not found, it's a state of mind and in its best form, it stands independent of life circumstances.”

Jaeda DeWalt

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I am a cake artist and pastry chef for nearly 13 years, so one-third of my life. But cooking and baking started for me much earlier! I've baked my first brioche-like cake for my grandma when I was 10 or 11 years old. From that moment, it was clear to me when I grow up; I will be a chef! And so I've continued to bake, cook and annoy my beloved mum in our home kitchen as often as I only could! Why annoy, you ask? Well, let's say I wasn't big on tidiness while baking at the beginning of my baking addiction;) after a few years I've finished cooking school, started working but something wasn't right. I felt I need to keep learning and getting better at what I've truly loved. I've decided to move to London. For a few years, you could find me only at work, at fine Micheline starred restaurants, learning from the best and simply putting every minute of my life into my passion! After this, the time has come for another chapter in my life, started working for a catering company and here's where cake fun starts. For six years, I've spent every minute I could to master my cake creating skill. I've fallen I Love with cake art and creating special moments for you and your beloved ones with the help of a great cake!

What's my mission?

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